The Windsor-Essex County Multiple Myeloma March

Life Is Good
Life Is Good

Life Is Good

HOPE means everything to a Multiple Myeloma patient, you HOPE for more time, you HOPE your treatments are working, you HOPE you feel okay to have quality of life, you HOPE if your treatment stops working there is another one for you to try and most importantly you HOPE that one day there will be a cure.  Here is my dad standing with his HOPE, his oncologist Dr. K.  She has provided our family with hope for the last 2 1/2 years. 

Once again our family has a team LIFE is GOOD marching to make Multiple Myeloma Matter. We are so humbled and thankful to all who have joined our fight, whether through marching with us, donating or sending their well wishes and thoughts for our dad. We are so proud that we have raised $15,000 dollars for Myeloma research over the last 2 years.  Our dad is now having a successful response to a new drug funded by the Myeloma March research. 

Monies raised from this walk goes to much needed research to fund new drugs and HOPE that one day there will be a cure. Please consider joining us this year!

Our team is raising money in support of Myeloma Canada by participating in the Multiple Myeloma March.
By making a donation to our team, you are helping to fund clinical research and to support advocacy for accelerated access to game-changing therapies for Canadian myeloma patients.
Please make a donation today and help us reach our fundraising goal!

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