The Airdrie Multiple Myeloma March - Greg Roberts Memorial Myeloma Walk/Run

Dad - Grandpa - Husband - Brother - Uncle - Cousin
Dad - Grandpa - Husband - Brother - Uncle - Cousin

NAD's Team

Imagine you are happily living your life,

Making a good living, ...

Enjoying golf in the summer, curling in the winter, ...

Volunteering for the town's Hospital Board, ...

Watching your own children grow-up, get married, have their own families,

When all of a sudden ...


That rib that was broken years ago in a skiing accident starts aching, and you feel generally not well. What's going on?

You make an appointment with the Doctor. They do a blood test and then send you over to Red Deer. When out of the blue the word Myeloma appears.

What's that? Cancer?

How can this be? Am I dying?

This is my Dad's story. He is alive today thanks to a new drug, Revlimid, as part of a Clinical Trial, and the excellent care he received from his physician, Dr. Bahlis and his team at the Foothills Cancer Center.

By making a donation to NAD's team, you are helping to fund clinical research and to support advocacy for accelerated access to game-changing therapies for Canadian myeloma patients.

Please make a donation today and help NAD's Team to reach our fundraising goal!

Thank you.

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