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We’re seeing more multiple myeloma diagnoses than before, yet sadly the signs and symptoms of this 2nd most common blood cancer are still very much unknown within the general population.

Increasing awareness of myeloma, of treatment options, and the importance of investing in life-saving treatment therapies paving the way toward a cure, is crucial.

You can make it happen.

March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. Please give as generously as you can so every Canadian with myeloma, regardless of who they are or where they live, can look forward to a bright and hopeful future with those they love.

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Myeloma Canada Ride

“People with myeloma are on average living twice as long, thanks to new treatments.  We are continuing to do research designed to further improve quality and duration of life, with the ultimate goal of curing the disease.”

- Dr Annette Hay, Hematologist, Clinician Scientist at Queen's University

Your gift will enable thousands of Canadians with myeloma, their families and loved ones enjoy each other longer.

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