Myeloma Canada Ride: Bike to Beat Myeloma - Richmond

John and Glenda pre-MM
John and Glenda pre-MM

Chain Breakers

  Our Multiple Myeloma journey continues and we received the best news last November. Based on my monthly bloodwork it showed that the stem cell transplant of my own stem cells that I had January 18th 2023 has worked and my bone marrow is now pumping out healthy cancer free cells. I am now considered to be in remission, a word I thought I’d never hear with the diagnosis of multiple myeloma as I was told there is no cure only treatment. I take one chemo pill a day and the mild side effects are tolerable and I’ll put up with them since it seems to be working. 

This year the Myeloma Canada Ride: Bike to Beat Myeloma will be held on Saturday May 25th in Richmond. Once again John will be leading riders on team Chain Breakers. New members are always welcome and there is a $50 fee to join the team which will be used to cover operating expenses to run the ride and riders will also receive lunch and refreshments. There are 2 routes, a 33 km and 70 km. Alternatively, you can join "Virtual Chain Breakers" - a team for those that would like to ride and support this great cause, but can't get to Richmond on May 25th. Ride wherever you are for as long a route as you are able.

Funds raised by donating to our team are invested in supporting the pursuit of curing and preventing the disease, accelerating access to the best care and empowering and improving the lives of all Canadians affected by myeloma. In addition to raising critical funds these events help create awareness of this disease and brings together those living with myeloma, their families, friends and the community. Early detection is crucial in diagnosis and treatment and greatly increases successful and optimal treatment. 

This is the link to our team page 

   Please consider making a donation today and help us reach our fundraising goal!

Thank you, Glenda and John

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