Multiple Myeloma March Winnipeg

We March in Memory and Honour of "Maggie".
We March in Memory and Honour of "Maggie".

Maggies Marchers

We gather together every year in support and to remember an amazing woman "Maggie Leask".  In the midst of her own battle with Multiple Myeloma, she rallied her family, her friends, and anyone who would come out to March in support of Awareness and Research.  Who would have thought that this small gathering of friends and family and others would still continue on 13th years later!

What an amazing legacy that she left.  All of us who knew her and loved her were blessed to have this amazing women touch our lives.  Through everything that she endured she smiled and always had something wonderful to say.  Maggie inspires us all to continue to come together in her memory and to support others .. We are Making Myeloma Matter in Manitoba!! 

Join us in spirit or if you can donate even a little it will make a difference and continue the great work Maggie began.  

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