Multiple Myeloma March Halifax

Last years Ultra - 'fist bump'
Last years Ultra - 'fist bump'


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On March 4, 2022 my family and I were devastated by the quite sudden passing of my dad.  He entered his second relapse around Christmas and quickly became worse, ultimately succumbing to myeloma’s strength.

On September 18th to honor Dad on his Birthday I’m going to embark on an 90km trail run through the Musquodoboit trail system consisting of 3 different wooded trails.  Starting at North Granite Ridge I will head out at 5am and not finish until I have completed 90km, ending back at the North Granite Ridge Parking lot.

Motivation is clear: There’s no cure for Multiple Myeloma - For dad, after reaching 6 years of little to no symptoms it reared its ugly head again. Everything happened so fast, or at least it seemed fast to me, one minute dad was his old self helping me celebrate my 40th birthday and the next thing I knew I was getting a call from mom and we were admitting dad at the Victoria General in Halifax….

Fast forward another 9 months and we are back at the hospital, dealing with this terrible reality, myeloma is tough and just won’t leave us alone.  In the end it became too much for Dad and he lost his fight, held by his wife, brother in law and me, one of his three sons.

In moments like this you feel helpless but I’m determined to do all I can to help!  Donations like yours truly do make a huge difference. This cancer cannot be cured but I truly believe this will become a very manageable disease that you don’t have to suffer with.

Feel free to Join me on this day to share some miles - it's gonna be a long day and I can 't wait!!

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