Multiple Myeloma March Eastern Townships

Myeloma March 2022
Myeloma March 2022

France's Fighters

We are raising money in support of Myeloma Canada by participating in the Multiple Myeloma March.

By making a donation to our team, you are helping to fund clinical research and to support advocacy for accelerated access to game-changing therapies for Canadian myeloma patients.

Our lives changed drastically in July 2022 when someone near and dear to us was diagnosed with myeloma. A cancer that many of us had never heard of. France was  an incredible human. She had dedicated her life to helping others and now it's our turn to show our support. She fought since the day of her diagnosis and thanks to the research, she got state-of-the-art treatment. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out the way we all thought it would, the cancer is still considered incurable. I named the team after her, to show that we are here in her memory. She was so tough and I know she touched many lives. So now we help, we help fund research and raise awareness. Hoping  one day, there is a cure.

Please make a donation today and help us to reach our fundraising goal! Join us for a walk and show your support!

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