Multiple Myeloma March Sault Ste. Marie

'Londonâ'TM and baby sister Willa
'Londonâ'TM and baby sister Willa

Remission Possible

Remission Possible is raising money in support of Myeloma Canada.. I am so thankful for the support everyone has shown in the past...and thank everyone for their continued support.  

This year was going to be a virtual walk....our group has had so many challenges that it felt so overwhelming to take on such a huge endeavour.  However, after seeing so many of our group plus our new members, Maggie and I wanted to walk.  We need to connect! what you can... walk if nothing else!   If you are able to give even a toonie, you are helping to fund clinical research and to support advocacy for accelerated access to game-changing therapies for Canadian Myeloma patients.  CAR-T cell therapy is hopefully to be approved in 1 to 1 1/2years in Canada.  That is HUGE for our Myeloma people! 
Hoping you will join team ‘REMISSION POSSIBLE’ this year!!!! will get to meet my two little granddaughters!!!











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