Let’s Bike to Beat Myeloma!

You may be wondering if the Myeloma Canada Ride is right for you.

The Ride is an occasion for cyclists,18 years and older, to make memories and have fun riding along a scenic route with others while raising funds for a great cause.

The Myeloma Canada Ride is NOT a race.

We encourage you and the other cyclists to go at your own pace and take advantage of the rest stops programmed along the route.

However, to ensure that you are safe and enjoy the Myeloma Canada Ride, we recommend that you have a basic level of fitness and physical conditioning that allows you to ride 40km-50km in a day. If you feel that the distance may be too challenging, consider doing the Virtual Ride.

We recommend the Virtual Ride for those of you who may:

  • Not live near an in-person ride
  • Not feel confident cycling 40km-50km in a day
  • Wish to host your own cycling challenge by creating a route in your community or cycling at home on a stationary bike or participating at a gym-sponsored cycle-thon

Whether you choose to bike in-person at one of the live Myeloma Canada Rides or opt to do the Virtual Ride, you’ll be asked to take these simple steps:

1. Register online to secure your spot and ensure that the event is safe and fun for everyone! All cyclists are required to pre-register.

To register for one of the 6 in-person Myeloma Canada Rides, you will be asked to:

  1. Complete the online form
  2. Select your registration type (team captain, team member or individual participant)
  3. Choose a route that’s best for you
  4. Sign a waiver
  5. Pay a $50 registration fee *

*There is no registration fee for the Virtual Ride.

The $50 registration fee is for participants of the live event and will help offset costs, such as permits, insurance, meals, etc.

To decide which route is best for you, consult the maps on your community’s page. You will have the option of two routes: a shorter 40km-50km for a more leisurely ride and a longer 60-90 km for a more challenging one.

2. Raise funds to help Canadians with myeloma to live longer and better lives, and to help find a cure.

The suggested minimum fundraising target is $350 per cyclist. All we ask is that you do your best! Every little bit makes a big difference.