Myeloma Canada Ride - Sudbury

The Biking Bananas

Our team is led by Ashely & Chris and Bob & Jo and we all love to ride and often eat bananas before, during and/or after our rides. (Especially Ashely often seen with a banana sticking out of her jersey pocket)

We are all part of the Sessions Circus, a riding group that has fun, sometimes competes and participates in an increasing number of ventures to give back to the community.

Ashley  is our inspirational leader as she was recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and her strength and determination inspire us all on an ongoing basis.

We are looking for riders to join our team and ride with us, donate to this worthy cause and have a ton of fun along the way.  If you can't ride - PLEASE DONATE.

Our team is raising money in support of Myeloma Canada by participating in the Myeloma Canada Ride.

By making a donation to me, you are supporting the pursuit of curing and preventing the disease, accelerating access to the best care, while empowering and improving the lives of all Canadians affected by myeloma.

Please make a donation today and help me to reach my fundraising goal!
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